Programs Offered


The ESOL program offers 7 levels of instruction for students who need to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students also learn how to use computers and work with out advisors to be supported and to plan for next steps.

Adult Basic Education

The Adult Basic Education program offers basic reading and math skills.

High School Equivalency

This program prepares students to pass the HiSET test, which is given at an official test center. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education awards a high school equivalency diploma to everyone who passes the HISET test.

Bridge to College

Bridge to College prepares adult students to succeed in college-level courses. Participants work on their reading, writing, math, computer, and study skills. To graduate, they must complete a portfolio of their work, including essays, a research paper, college application, and a personal statement. Most of the students from the Bridge to College program enroll in a college.

Computer Instruction

CLC students can practice their reading, writing, and math skills on the computer and learn basic computer operations and word processing skills at the same time.

Citizenship Preparation

Many students realize their dream of attaining U.S. citizenship every year with the help of the CLC Citizenship program. The programs prepares students for their naturalization interviews by teaching them US history and coaches them on interview skills.

Career Advising

CLC students at intermediate and advanced instructional levels work on a plan for their further education and careers. They define their job values and skills, identify careers of interest, research those careers, and lay out a series of steps towards their goals. After working on their plans in class, they may have several individual meetings with an advisor to further develop their plans and start taking their first steps.

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